one word

i only have one word

one word to describe you



your eyes

like oceans

i thought they were being silly

i thought they weren’t being true

but they were right


just like the ocean


if i had to think

one thing you hate

i wouldn’t have to ask

i would just know



you pull me close

a soft 'thank you' escaped your lips

'you didnt have to'

you say

but i did

i couldnt do nothing



you spit

'that didn't help'

you scoff

i try to grab at it

but it slips through my fingers

you slip away


but surely


i stay awake

nightmares getting the best of me

i lie in bed

my mind wanders to you

i realize

my biggest fear

seeing you cry

don’t come true

don’t come true

i chant

as if saying it

will make it happen


you look so small

so weak

i cradle you

hoping it will do the trick


like china

so fragile

as if one small push

one small shove

will break so

and like china

once broken

you will never return

never go back to normal

so i don’t push

i don’t shove

i protect


the words leave my mouth

right before i can catch them

they tumble out

knocking down everything in their path

your body tenses up

and i realize


i understand




one word

you write it out

on your arm

on my foot

on your notebook

on twitter

to remind yourself




you beg

the look in your eyes

it pulls me back

and for once

i feel wanted





i search the house for you

you’re gone

and then i see a note

a goodbye

signed at the bottom


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